Wednesday, January 30, 2013 Is ALIVE!!!

Howdy all, great news here. The updated website is now LIVE! For anybody interested in how I do my hair, my new music and writing projects, pirate jokes, my Jaminator side-project, or anything else Nate-related, check it out here:

The virtual trolley tour has been replaced with a virtual jukebox, and now you can listen to just about anything I've ever recorded. Sweet! So far the response has been tremendous. Within minutes of going live I received the following feedback:

Amy B-A. says: "Just watched your fashion tips and lapsed into uncontrollable giggles."

Lauren C. says: "This site is the highlight of my day!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kerry B. says: "I can't wait to read all about The Hair!!!!"

Caitlin R. says: "This is a great website Nate!"

Jessica A-S. says: "LOVE this!"

And my mother, over the phone, said she really enjoyed the site as well. Here's hoping y'all do too! Feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions wherever you deem appropriate.

Before I conclude, I would like to give HUGE thanks to my creative webmaster friend, who is also a new father, Mr. Garet McIntyre! Congratulations on the birth of your first son and thanks a million for your improvements to this here site. Thanks G!

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