Wednesday, September 25, 2013

One week only: FREE SHIPPING on all Nate Gibson CDs/LPs

Howdy friends. I've had a bunch of expenses come up, so I thought I'd offer for one week only FREE SHIPPING on all Nate Gibson + Co. albums. If there's any gaps in your Nate Gibson CD/LP collection, now's a great time to stock up (and just in time for Halloween too!). Plus, there'll be a bonus FREE rocker patch for all multiple CD orders. Maybe some other goodies too...

Nate Gibson & Friends (w/ the Barnshakers, Deke Dickerson, Hi-Fly Rangers, KK, Wyatt Maxwell, Sean Mencher, Jerry Miller, Lester Peabody, & more) - The Starday Sessions (Goofin' Records) - $15
GO! GO! GO! (w/ Jerry Miller) - $10 CD/$18 LP (limited ed. colored vinyl)
All the Way Home (Cow Island Music) - $15
Grass House Gang (5-track bluegrass EP rec. at Event Records) - $5
Self-titled first release (with Rex Trailer and Kenny Roberts - only a few copies left) - $10

Payments can be made to via paypal. Flyer says free shipping only applies to U.S. shipping, but if you paypal me as a gift I'll cover international shipping on all non-Goofin' releases as well. If you don't have Paypal, PM me and we can work out other arrangements. Thanks!