Sunday, February 1, 2015

Updates to the Starday Record Listing in the Back of Your Starday Book

Exciting news I have for all y'all record collectors out there: I recently got to spend an afternoon with one of the premier '50s record collectors in the U.S., Mr. Ned Walters (from pg. 228 fame). Ned let me look through his entire Starday record collection and in doing so, we were able to fill in several missing gaps in the book's record listing section (particularly in the Nashville Singles and the Starday Custom Series (Dixie) Singles). For all those who want the most complete record listing available, grab yourself a pen or pencil and feel free to make the following updates to your book. And just because they're fun to look at, I'll go ahead and upload scans of all the previously unknown labels too~ now, good luck tracking down your own copies!

Nashville Singles

5164 – Dwight & Cathy Moody – Throw Out the Lifeline / I Hear the Church Bell
5266 – Bill Pierce – Remind Me To Cry Tomorrow / Fool That I Am
5472 – Billy Kent – Country Music Star / Tender Moments
5502 – Arnold McKinney – If I Had You (To Hold On To) / I’ll Take You To My World
5503 – Bill Kohlmeyer – Corn Squeezin’ / To Say Goodby

185 – Georgene and the Song Rustlers – Do You Still Believe / The Grass Is Turning Brown


Starday Custom Series (Dixie) Singles

1142 – Jack Thompson – Kisses In the Wind / Tear Up the License (Dixie)
1178 – Slone Brothers [incorrectly spelled in the book as ‘The Sloane Brothers’]
1024 – Wayne Johnson & the Brushy Mountain Boys, “Lost” John Ray, Mikey Johnson, Gary Johnson, Rocky Johnson, Wayne and Ruth Johnson – Hitch Hikers Blues / Brushy Mountain Hoedown b/w The Song of the Union Grave Fiddler’s Convention / Mother and Dad Are Waiting (Dixie)
767 – Glenna Dene Case with Ray Guyce and his Lonesome Valley Boys – Thank You So Much / Broken Hearted (Brite Star) [much like the previous release, #766, I believe there may be two different Starday customs with the 767 number designation]
771 – Ray Guyce and his Lonesome Valley Boys – Rattle Your Rockets / I’m Dark As A Raven (You’re whiter Than Snow) (Brite Star) [much like the previous releases, #766 and #767, I believe there may be two different Starday customs with the 771 number designation]

And many thanks again, Ned. I'll see ya again real soon!