Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Back to the Country Dog Show

 Howdy Friends, tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I'm hoping you'll spend at least part of it with me. I'll be hosting Back to the Country from 9am-noon (cst) on WORT FM and paying tribute to the most loyal and loving souls on this planet--dogs! 

There will be no songs about junkyard dogs or tough dogs and no "Salty Dog" or "Hound Dog" varieties, since those songs are really about people and not dogs. Instead, tomorrow morning's show will be a festive country music tribute to all those sweet, kind, compassionate, and funny dogs that make our lives so much better.

Tune in via 89.9fm in Southern Wisconsin or streaming via wortfm.org . Pictured here: me with Lola the dog in her new Doggy Parton dress.

Friday, February 2, 2024

Live at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum - Full Video Available

Last year I was invited to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to take part in a special panel discussion about the Bob Pinson Recorded Sound Collection alongside country music scholar and discographer Tony Russell, the CMF's first full-time Director, Bill Ivey, and moderated by historian Patrick Huber. I shared a few of my thoughts on the greatest collection of country music recordings, some of the nitty gritty of collecting and curating, and a few of the challenges surrounding access and engagement.

I was then invited to select and spin a few of my favorite records from the collection alongside museum archivist and curator Alan Stoker. We played and talked about some rare Vogue, Bluebird, Sterling, Starday, and Black Patti 78s and I had a blast.

The panel was titled "The Bob Pinson Recorded Sound Collection at Age Fifty" and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum just uploaded the entire video. You can check it out in its entirety here:

Full program: https://countrymusichalloffame1.vhx.tv/videos/the-bob-pinson-recorded-sound-collection-at-age-fifty-2023

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Country Music Sister Acts on WORT-FM's Back to the Country 1/10/24

Howdy there friends and neighbors, I'm taking a break from hours and hours of shoveling (why, corner lot, why?!?!) to let y'all know that I'll be hosting Back to the Country again tomorrow morning from 9-noon (CST) on WORT FM 89.9.

The theme this week is Country Music Sister Acts. I won't be playing any brother/sister duets, no friends billed as sisters, and not even any mother/daughter acts billed as sisters. Instead, it'll be an entire show of my very favorite classic country sister acts on record: the Carter Sisters, the Amos sisters, the Lewis sisters, the DeZurik Sisters, and about 45-50 more. Hope you can tune in via FM or streaming at www.wortfm.org

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

A Country Christmas on Back to the Country 12/13/23

In a recent conversation with my mother, she asked: “Are there enough country music Christmas songs to fill one of your three-hour shows?” I instantly thought, there’s probably enough to fill a three-thousand hour show, but all I actually said was, “Absolutely! If you’d like to hear it, that’ll be my next theme.” So indeed, tomorrow morning from 9am-noon (CST) on WORT 89.9fm, I’ll share with y’all my first ever Christmas-themed show.

I know everybody has their own personal faves this time of year, but tomorrow morning I’m excited to share mine. Sure, there’ll be a recitation or four, and likely a bunch of Starday tunes, a handful of Cuca 45s for sure, a smattering of Fin-A-Billy, a smidge of Waffle House jukebox hits, some instrumental guitar bliss, some holiday oddities, and even a special Christmas message from my pop, recorded many years ago (which I just set to music this week). Full disclosure, Lola the doggo helped me pick these out, but also, she’s deaf and not the most discerning listener.
If you like what you hear, come on out to the Stoughton Opera House on Thursday night at 5:45pm when Nate Gibson & the Stardazers will perform several of these unique holiday masterpieces as we kick off a Rock’n’Roll Christmas Party with Joel Paterson and JD McPherson!

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Nate Gibson & the Stardazers with JD McPherson and Joel Paterson 12/14/23

I’ve got lots to be thankful for as of late, and one of those things is making music with the Stardazers. I absolutely love picking out new songs to play, writing new songs, coming up with twin guitar parts, harmonies, and new arrangements, and then occasionally scrapping all of that and playing whatever song pops into our heads on the spot. It's been a joy sharing music this year with Spider Mike Hobson (bass), Andrew Harrison (guitar), and Eric Salisbury (drums). We had a great 2023, playing shows with and for friends near and far, and we’ve got one more show for y'all this year!

A week from tonight (Thursday Dec. 14th) the trio version of Nate Gibson & the Stardazers will be kicking off Joel Paterson and JD McPherson’s “Socks: Rock and Roll Christmas Tour” in the Stoughton Opera House lounge. We’ll get the Holiday Hoedown fired up around 5:55pm and, because it’s a holiday-themed hoedown, we’ve worked up several of our favorite Christmas jams for This Show Only! Hope to see y'all there!

Nate Gibson & the Stardazers, Willy Street Fair 2023, photo by: Sharon Vanorny

Nate Gibson & the Stardazers, Stoughton Opera House 2023, photo by: Pamela Sprecher-Galka

Nate Gibson & the Stardazers, The Bur Oak 2023, photo by Kathy Klingemann Marcelle

Nate Gibson & the Stardazers, Symco Weekender 2023, photo by Joseph Shaffer

Nate Gibson & the Stardazers, High Noon Saloon patio 2023, photo by Jane Richard

Nate Gibson & the Stardazers, Symco Weekender 2023, photo by Elizabeth Harrison

Nate Gibson & the Stardazers, Red Rooster 2023, photo by Dee Weingartner Bradley Grimsrud

Nate Gibson & the Stardazers, Full Mile Beer Co. and Kitchen 2023, photo by Dee Weingartner Bradley Grimsrud

Nate Gibson & the Stardazers, Catfish River Music Festival 2023, photo by Bobby Batyko

Nate Gibson & the Stardazers, The Bur Oak 2023, photo by Charlie Chaz Lemm

Nate Gibson & the Stardazers, Stoughton Opera House 2023, photo: 

Nate Gibson & the Stardazers, Red Rooster 2023, photo by Rachel Tatge

Nate Gibson & the Stardazers, UW Memorial Union Terrace 2023, photo: 

Monday, November 13, 2023

Nate Gibson & the Stardazers at the Red Rooster 11/15/23 7:00pm

Howdy internet, just an FYI that Nate Gibson & the Stardazers will be playing the Red Rooster in Madison, WI this Wednesday evening (11/15). You can expect the usual boot-stompin, pickin-n-grinnin, chin-chucklin, song-debutin, and other activities that sound better when you drop the 'g.' But this time around, inspired by the originals of our friends and opener Two Trick Pony, we'll lean heavily into my catalog of original tunes.

Sit back and relax with good food, friends, and drinks as I regale y'all with my life story in poetry and song, swung gently in 4/4 and in present-day-vocal-range appropriate keys.

Show starts at 7:00pm. 2513 Seiferth Rd, Madison, WI.


Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Country Music Clowning on Back to the Country 11/8/23

I hesitate to tell y'all this, for fear that I might scare a few folks away, but tomorrow's Back to the Country radio program on WORT will be all about Country Music Clowns. That's right. Three hours of songs about clowns, songs by clowns, and maybe even a few songs for clowns.

I recently found this amazing '50s poster for Tommy Scott's Hillbilly Opra, boasting a lineup of Stringbean, the Masked Rider, 10 Carloads of western picture stars, and, among other things, 6 funny clowns. Then I got to thinking about Koko the Clown from the Webb Pierce Road Show and Crazy Elmer's hijinx on the Wheeling Jamboree. Then I remembered seeing Clownvis Presley in Green Bay and later hearing Charley Crockett's single about being a clown. Then I saw Puddles Pity Party mashing up Johnny Cash and Elton John and it reminded me of watching Zach Galifianakis as Chip Baskets the rodeo clown. So, I've had clowns on the mind for a while. And then on Halloween, two neighborhood kids came to our doorstep trick or treating dressed as clowns! I took it as a sign.

I've tracked down a whole heaping of amazing country music clowning and I hope you can tune in for some wacky hijinx and even some sad clown songs tomorrow morning from 9:00am-noon (CST) on WORT 89.9fm or streaming at wortfm.org.