Friday, January 25, 2013

New CD, New Paperback, and a Quick Finland Update

Howdy there Dear Internet Blog Readers,

And chilly greetings from the northernmost metropolitan city in the world. Today I get to make a very special announcement: The Starday Sessions CD that I have been working on will be coming out on Goofin' Records and is now available for Pre-Order (and will be shipped in late February)! This is essentially a record of my favorite songs from my favorite record label performed with some of my favorite musicians (and people!)-- The Barnshakers, Deke Dickerson, Double K, the Hi-Fly Rangers, Wyatt Maxwell, Sean Mencher, Jerry Miller, Lester Peabody, and many more! While the Starday book itself is a form of tribute, I also wanted to pay homage to the music and the many Starday artists who befriended me and contributed to the book and the forthcoming radio documentary. I couldn’t possibly record songs by every contributor on this single album, but included here are loving tributes to my friends Glenn Barber (whom I had the pleasure of backing at the 2007 Green Bay weekender), Rudy “Tutti” Grayzell (whom I will share a stage with at the 2013 Screamin’ Weekender in Spain), Orangie Ray Hubbard (whom I got to play music with in Cincinnati), Rose Lee Maphis (who introduced me to Don Pierce WAY back in the day and has been a friend ever since), Luke Gordon (who contributed time and help with the book), Ralph Stanley (who is a big part of the forthcoming radio documentary), and many others. Starday rockabilly legend Rudy "Tutti" Grayzell even wrote the beautiful liner notes! I’m indebted to Pete Hakonen, the Goofin’ Records label, and everybody who contributed to this project in one way or another. And of course, my thanks also go to each and every person who purchases this album.

To that point, the CD is being released here in Finland where new CDs typically cost 15 euros, which is roughly $20 USD right now. I know that's a little pricier than most people in the States are used to paying for a CD, so I am going to personally cover all of the shipping and the seller's paypal expenses for all pre-orders to the United States. Read: FREE SHIPPING! I've even made an Internet-only downloadable E.P. with the great Jerry Miller (Eilen Jewell, the Spurs, the Coachmen, Jack Smith & the Rockabilly Planet, etc.) which I will send (via email) to everyone in the U.S. who places their order before March 1st. That FREE E.P., Nate Gibson & Jerry Miller - Me & Jerry: Live on WFHB features live songs cut on the air for WFHB last December and has some breathtaking guitar work from Mr. Miller.

To place your Pre-Order, which is essentially to place an order for my admiration, sincere gratitude, and eternal respect, please send $20 via Paypal to: nathandgibson (at) gmail (dot) com. You do not need to have a Paypal account. Instead, simply follow this secure link, enter my email address and the amount of $20, and you can pay with any credit card or via any other method you choose. Once I receive email confirmation, I will send you confirmation of payment and an immediate link to download the Nate Gibson & Jerry Miller EP. The physical CDs of The Starday Sessions will be shipped in late February. If you would like to hear samples of the tracks beforehand, you can visit my BandCamp site at and check out every song!

I would also like to mention that the CD is being released at the same time as the paperback edition of The Starday Story: The House That Country Music Built (University Press of Mississippi). I'm mighty grateful that University Press of Mississippi took a chance on my book and it is very gratifying to know that people continue to read and enjoy the story. If you have been wanting to pick up a copy of the book (Winner of the 2012 Belmont Book Award - Best Book on Country Music and a 2012 ARSC Award of Excellence for Best Research in Record Labels), but were deterred by the $50 price tag, we have good news. The new paperback is currently available for Pre-Order from Amazon for only $30 and with free shipping! Hooray! Link:

OK, that's about all the promotion I've got in me for one day. Hopefully it's not too overwhelming. I love making this stuff. I didn't do a Kickstarter page or any other kind of fundraising beforehand because, honestly, I would have done this stuff anyway. I just hope y'all like listening to it and/or reading it. If so, your support is greatly appreciated and would help me to continue doing what I love.

And in case anyone wants it, here's A Quick Finland Update: Finland is awesome! Cold, yes, Dark, a little, but still great! I've started a new research project about roots music in Finland which is quite fun. I've met some mighty interesting characters and I'm seeing a lot of great live music. I am also working a few hours per week at the Angry Birds company and am practicing my Finnish every day. I'm making music with the Hi-Fly Rangers, working on a full-length release with lots of originals for El Toro Records, playing shows here and there, and getting to see a good chunk of Europe. And of course, all that stuff above. All great stuff. Tomorrow I celebrate my birthday on a weekend cruise to Stockholm. Very exciting, though I will miss being in the States to celebrate my birthday with my Pop, who shares the same birthday as I (and Starday honky-tonker James O'Gwynn) and who turns 86 tomorrow. Go Pop! My best wishes and warm greetings to all!

Rockin' Regards,


New CD Track Listing :

1. Shadow My Baby (G. Barber) with the Hi-Fly Rangers

2. Hot Time In Nashville (J. Maphis) with Deke Dickerson

3. The Woman I Love (K. Murdock) with the Barnshakers

4. How Come You Do Me (Like You Do) (G. Austin, R. Bergere) with Jerry Miller

5. I Gotta Know (W. Perry) with the Grass House Gang feat. Sean Mencher

6. Sweet Love (R. Hubbard) with the Hi-Fly Rangers

7. Baby’s Gone (L. Gordon) with Jerry Miller

8. Where There’s A Will (There’s A Way) (C. Trantham) with the Barnshakers

9. I Don’t Want A Sweetheart (J. Harrison, N. Harrison) with the Hi-Fly Rangers

10. Daisy May (F. Tillman) with Jerry Miller

11. I’d Rather Be Forgotten (E.P. Williams) with the Grass House Gang feat. Sean Mencher

12. Jig-Ga-Lee-Ga (R. Grayzell) with Wyatt Maxwell

13. Down in the Hollow (B. Browning) with the Hi-Fly Rangers

14. Carolina Bound (B. Hodge) with Jerry Miller

15. You All Come (A. Duff) with Deke Dickerson

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