Monday, May 22, 2017

Recording in Austin, TX with Frankie Miller and Friends

There are good days. And there are great days. And sometimes even phenomenal days. And then there are the kind of days like my May 15th when you go to Austin, TX to catch up with old friends and you decide to book a recording session at Cris Burns's Ameripolitan Studios with some of your favorite musician pals and you invite Starday (and Columbia and 4star/Gilt-Edge and Stop and United Artists) recording star Frankie Miller to the session and he with his daughter and son-in-law and grandson drive three hours each way so that he can sing some duets with you 

and they turn out dynamite and then Frankie hands you a welcome to Texas gift-bag that includes your most wanted LP and he signs it to you 

and then Dale Watson comes by to check out the session 

and then your friend and the daughter of Arlie Duff (Starday's first ever star) comes by and takes some really cool photographs of the session (thanks again, Kristy!) and then you have an amazing Mexican dinner with dear friends 

and then your buddy puts you on the guest list to see him and Heybale tear it up at the Continental Club and at the show you see several friends you haven't seen in 10 or more years and even some friends from the ARSC conference in San Antonio the previous week and you dance all night 

and, to sum it up succinctly, a grand time is had by all. That was my kind of day last week. Too good for words, really. I can't wait to share the recordings with everyone once the new project is ready. Until then, I give my many thanks to everyone who made it such a special day: Tom and Rose Umberger, Cris Burns, Kevin Smith, Bobby Trimble, Bobby Horton, Frankie Miller, Sandra and Greg and Nathan Wilson, Bear, Dale Watson, Kristy Duff Wallace, Redd Volkaert, Dallas Wayne, Bobby and Stephanie Marlar, Jennifer Lee Vaughn, Steve Ramm, and of course, my mother.