Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More Kanesville Koolness... Record Score and Playlist Included!

Today I took a few moments out of my day to venture out across state borders to visit my favorite record shop in the States, Tim Behren's Kanesville Kollectibles in Council Bluffs, Iowa. A big part of me says, don't tell anybody else about this gem of a store because I'd like to go back there and buy everything in it. Yet another part of me says that I should tell everyone I know about this place so that they all go and support Tim's shop. I guess the latter argument wins out at the end of the day. Seriously, if you've never been, and you dig vinyl, it's well worth a road trip. There are three floors of records as well as some music books, comics, DVDs, record players, assorted audio gear, tapes, and CDs... all in all, more than a million kollectibles (though to be fair, can we really call a Dora Hall 45 a "kollectible?").

I love this store and I've posted about it before on this blog (see my Jan. 7, 2014 "Kanesville Record Heaven" entry for a picture of the main floor), but the rest of the shop is equally intriguing. Basically, the first floor is the main floor-- the 45s and LPs that are all graded, priced, and categorized. The basement floor, of which one small portion is photographed below, is dedicated to 78s...

And the second floor is the dollar floor... An entire room filled to the brim with dollar country LPs (man, I love this room!), a whole room full of dollar rock LPs, a massive room of dollar "other" LPs... and then there's this:

And no, I didn't go in that room... Today I didn't even make it out of the first floor, and I really didn't even cover more than one tiny corner of the first floor, but I did found some killer bargains. I've been excited to go to Kanesville for a little while now because I saw on Facebook last week that Tim had acquired approximately 1,000 early country and bluegrass LPs. The collection is indeed impressive and it seems like he's got just about every bluegrass LP that ever was made for sale... I pulled out a stack of about 20 that I wanted to buy... but then I found a few boxes of country 45s... Yikes! Once again I found so many great ones that I just couldn't pass up, that I had to put most of the LPs back on the shelf (lucky for all you bluegrass and early country collectors out there, particularly those who dig early King original LPs!).

In case anybody is curious about what I found today (or rather, what I could afford of the gems that I found), here's a photo of my latest haul (not including the LPs) and YouTube links so you can hear almost everything for yourself. There are some real exciting 45s in the bunch for those who dig rockabilly, honky-tonk, hillbilly bop, and western swing. I also pawed through a couple boxes of empty sleeves and managed to find about 20 Starday sleeves and about 80 others for which I've been looking. Stellar day indeed!

The Finds:
Johnny Carroll - Rock'n'Roll Ruby - Decca 29940
Grady Martin - Country & Western Dance-O-Rama EP - Decca 2231 (with pic sleeve)
Bobby Roberts - I'm Gonna Comb You Outta My Hair - King 4837 (promo w/ sleeve)
Bob Wills - So Let's Rock - Decca 29909
John D. Loudermilk - Susie's House - Columbia 41165
Hank Penny - You're Bound To Look Like A Monkey - RCA 4633
Bob Luman - Boston Rocker EP - WB 5506
Webb Pierce - Teenage Boogie - Decca 30045
T. Texas Tyler - He Done Her Wrong - Decca 28544
Merle Travis - Louisiana Boogie - Capitol 2902
Bobby Lord - Sack - Columbia 41155
Johnny Horton - I Won't Forget - Mercury 70014
Wanda Jackson - Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad - Capitol 3575
Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues - Liberty 55144
Del Reeves w/ Chester Smith - Love, Love, Love - Capitol 3819
Bob Newman - Haulin' Freight - King 5216
Werly Fairburn - Baby He's A Wolf - Capitol 2770
Sheb Wooley - Humdinger - MGM 12114
Charline Arthur - Just Look, Don't Touch, He's Mine - RCA 6428 (2 copies)
Johnny Horton - Honky Tonk Man - Columbia 42302 (picture sleeve)
Floyd Robinson - Makin' Love - RCA 7529
Elvis Presley - Mystery Train - RCA 6357
Red Foley - Pinball Boogie - Decca 29100
Tennessee Ernie Ford - Rock City Boogie - Capitol 1911
Ernest Tubb - Thirty Days (To Come Back Home) - Decca 29731
Merle Travis - Cannon Ball Rag - Capitol 2245
Patsy Cline - Walking Dream - Decca 30542
Johnnie and Jack - Camel Walk Stroll - RCA 7137
Wynn Stewart - Uncle Tom Got Caught - Challenge 59061
Faron Young - Honey Stop! (And Think Of Me) - Capitol 3805
Carl Belew - Cool Gator Shoes - Decca 30947
Elvis Presley - My Baby Left Me - RCA 6540
Hank Thompson - Rockin' In the Congo - Capitol 3623
Red Foley - The Hoot Owl Boogie - Decca 29894
Lefty Frizzell - You're Humbuggin' Me - Columbia 41268
The Louvin Brothers - Cash on the Barrel Head - Capitol 3523

Also included in the haul were the 100+ sleeves (including 20 Starday sleeves!), the record case, and 4 LPs  including a clean copy of Porter Wagoner's The Cold Hard Facts of Life and a couple Starday LPs I didn't have. And just in case anybody is afraid that I bought up all the goodies, know that I didn't even have a chance to paw through 99% of the first floor... And as much as I'd like to keep this place a well-known secret for me and me alone, I'd also love to help Tim out and see my friends rake some similar hauls. I also believe in record karma, so if you know any good places like this that I should be checking out, please do let me know! So that said... if you dig records, go to Kanesville Kollectibles in Council Bluffs, IA. You will definitely be glad you did. And I'd be mighty appreciative if you let 'em know how you heard about it!



  1. I'm gob smacked! You lucky fellow.

  2. Hi Nate, Noticed you said you picked up a clean copy of Faron Young - Cold Hard Facts Of Life. I'm a big Faron fan and never knew it existed and can't find any mention of it on the net or in the country music discography sites. Any chance of you showing the front cover and track listing on your site please. Be real interested to see if there's anything different on this album.

  3. Howdy TamworthTed... Sorry, I'm just an idiot. I meant Porter Wagoner [corrected now, thanks for the heads up!]... The well-known sweet cover... The Faron LP I picked up was Sweethearts or Strangers. Thanks for asking, though!