Monday, February 18, 2013

NEW PODCAST: Gennett Records, Richmond, Indiana, and the Archives of Traditional Music

photo by Nate Gibson

Well, hey, alright! Last summer I produced a 16-minute podcast about Gennett Records and their recent partnership with the Archives of Traditional Music. The final product can now be heard (and read) via the following link. My many thanks to Alan Burdette, David Fulton, and Bob Jakobson for taking the time to meet and talk with me about the label and to seek out new recordings in the ATM stacks. My sincere thanks also to Betsy Shepherd for a wonderful narration. Hope y'all like it!

from the Archives of Traditional Music website: In the small midwestern town of Richmond, Indiana, an incredible diversity of recordings were made by the Starr Gennett company in the first part of the 20th century. Recording the most important artists of the day as well as a host of musicians from a wide spectrum of American vernacular musics, Gennett records left a legacy that is priceless documentation of American popular and regional musics. This podcast produced by Nathan D. Gibson introduces the history of Gennett records, its impact, and the move of a large collection of Gennett 78 rpm records from the Starr Gennett Foundation to the stewardship of the Archives of Traditional Music. The podcast is 16:23 long and you can follow along with the transcript below.

The podcast can be heard and read here:

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