Tuesday, June 11, 2024

The St. Louis Blues on Back to the Country, WORT 89.9 FM 6/12/24

Hi There Friends, I'll be hosting Back to the Country tomorrow morning on WORT FM and the theme of the show will be St. Louis Blues. I seriously considered naming the show St. Louis Steamers, because I think the name of their soccer team is funny, but for now I'm sticking w/ St. Louis Blues.

I'm sure a lot of folks know that Chuck Berry, Ferlin Husky, the Dillards, John Hartford, Deke Dickerson, and Wilco are all from St. Louis. It's also where the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame is located. And maybe you knew that three of the most famous murder ballads (Frankie and Johnny, Duncan and Brady, and Stagger Lee) were inspired by events within a few blocks of each other in St. Louis. But did you also know that I was born there?

As I was pawing through records recently, I noticed that I had a lot Starday customs from the St. Louis area and several 45 and 78 gems on STL labels like K-Ark, Norman, Bobbin, Rebel Ace, Boot Heel, Mid-Land, Marlo, Town & Country, and more. And so, I've gathered a handful of my favorite records and tomorrow's show will be a tribute to my ol' hometown and the Gateway to the West. Tune in from 9am-noon (CST) via 89.9 FM or streaming at wortfm.org!

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