Monday, August 31, 2020

Darnell Miller & Nate Gibson's "Royal Flush" is the latest Nate Gibson & the Stars of Starday Video

A couple years back I recorded one of my all-time favorite songs, "Royal Flush," with Wheeling Jamboree legend and Starday artist Darnell Miller, who had originally recorded it for Starday in 1958. I had a blast recreating Darnell's masterpiece alongside
Kenny Vaughan, Chris Scruggs, David Roe, John McTigue III, and Darnell and I hope that energy comes across in our recording. I've been on a bit of a hiatus with Stars of Starday video releases as other projects have jostled their way in and out of the priority queue, but I'm excited today to release our "Royal Flush" Stars of Starday marionette video. 

L-R: John McTigue III, June Stearns, Darnell Miller, Kenny Vaugah, Dave Roe, Nate Gibson, and Chris Scruggs

I owe many thanks to the aforementioned musicians, as well as to David Tatge and Amandalynn Jones for their puppeteering help, to Rachel Tatge for her videography assistance, to Mike Lee for video editing, to Ken Vogel for his amazing marionettes, to Drew Carroll for lending his audio engineering talents, to Nico and Bear Family Records for releasing and distributing the CD, and of course, my MANY thanks to Darnell and Suzie for driving to Nashville and being part of the Nate Gibson & the Stars of Starday project. This was a ton of fun. 

Nate Gibson & Darnell Miller in marionette form. Puppets by Ken Vogel.

And in case you still don't own your own copy of Nate Gibson & the Stars of Starday, you can still buy copies of the Bear Family CD (w/ 56-page booklet), deluxe edition double LP, or cassette directly from me (via Ebay, Discogs, or via Facebook PM) or if you are in Europe, you can buy them directly from Bear Family Records. And if you are anything like Darnell at playing poker ("Loving you Baby, is just like a game of poker; You have all the aces, I always draw joker..."), you just might need a new Nate Gibson & the Stars of Starday-themed playing deck and set of poker chips. I've got a very small handful of poker chip sets (16 chips) and 2-sided playing cards available to celebrate our release of "Royal Flush." Playing card decks are $20, poker chip sets are $15, or you can have both for $30 (+$6 shipping).

Nate Gibson & the Stars of Starday poker chips and playing cards

And without any further ado, here's our little ol' video (just click and follow the link):

Thanks so much for watching!

Darnell Miller & Nate Gibson- Royal Flush [Stars of Starday] (screenshot) 

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