Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Puistoblues Cancellation and Pop Update

With sincere apologies to Rauski, the other festival organizers and all who were hoping to see Nate Gibson & the Hi-Fly Rangers this coming weekend at Puistoblues Fest in Järvenpää, sadly we will not be performing as scheduled (but I send many thanks to the Daryl Haywood Combo who will be performing in our absence). I recently flew back to the States to be with family as my pop is recovering from a very serious fall. Pop Update: After yet another near death experience (this is his fourth extremely close call in my lifetime... please stop these pop!), I am overjoyed to report that my pop is presently recovering from heart, lung, and kidney failure. Thursday he could not breathe on his own, speak or even open his eyes. Today he is walking around the hospital, is in good spirits and even telling jokes to all the nurses. He is a true inspiration and I am so grateful that I can be here during the process! It is a long road to go towards recovery, but he's doing it. Go Pop Go!!!

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