Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to Starday Bluegrass Gospel Legend Carl Story

Well, technically it was May 29th, but I'm posting belated Happy Birthday wishes to honor the late, great Carl Story (1916-1995). Story joined the Starday ranks in 1957 when Mercury-Starday released 3 blazing bluegrass instrumentals (at the request of Don Pierce) and one stellar LP (though not every track is considered to be bluegrass, Story's 1957 Mercury-Starday album is considered to be among the first ever bluegrass LPs). When Pierce revived the Starday label in Nashville in 1958, Story was among the first acts signed to the new label. 17 LPs, 11 EPs, and 9 singles later, Story was still recording his classic brand of bluegrass gospel mountain music for Starday when Pierce sold the label in 1968. As I was researching the book, Carl's widow Helen was very kind and helpful to me and I am so grateful for her assistance with the details of Carl's recording career and in tracking down many of the Starday bluegrass legends. Youtube is full of classic Carl Story Starday recordings, but in this video, user Jeffery Birchfield actually posted the entirety of SLP278, a really great live recording: Enjoy friends and Rest in Peace Carl. And Happy Belated Birthday!

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