Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Teaching a New Course at Indiana University, Fall 2013: Country Music and the World

Excited I am to announce that I will be returning to the States to teach a course of my own design at Indiana University this Fall: Country Music and the World. If anyone knows any IU undergrad students who might be interested in taking the course, please help me spread the word!

GLLC-G210 # 32504
Country Music and the World
TR 2:30 pm – 3:45pm

Course Abstract:
Country music has often been described as the music of the South, the music of the working-class, or even the music of rural America. But with advanced technology and distribution, country music is now a multi-billion dollar global business. This course examines the broadly-defined genre of “country” to better understand how this music throughout the world has and continues to reflect upon and directly impact religion, politics, and war. Through readings, selected listening exercises, and guest lectures, we will explore the transnational spread of country music and its impact throughout the world. Is country music in Nashville any more “real” than country music in Zimbabwe, Finland, Canada, or even Russia? More importantly, who is the music’s target audience and what does “country” mean to them? This course draws from the disciplines of ethnomusicology, folklore, history, musicology, performance studies, and sociology to widen our understanding of what it means to be “country.” 3 credits

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